How does Xavier Omär want to be remembered? As a risk taker. A classic voice. An artist who blurs musical lines. A fearless dreamer. And with these big goals, the singer-songwriter isn’t wasting any time. His debut studio album, Bonfire, released on 09/02/14 followed by his EP with Sango (Soulection) titled Hours Spent Loving You, and singles Blind Man & Hesitate.

Xavier Omär takes pride in his songwriting ability and is most excited by the reward of evoking specific feelings in his listeners with his music. He draws inspiration from artists of all genres, including James Blake, Arcade Fire, Kanye West, Mumford & Sons, John Legend, Frank Ocean, The Beatles, and Sam Smith.

Xavier Omär grew up as a military brat, moving across the country and as far as Japan, but he claims Georgia as home. Music balanced out the highly structured lifestyle of his military family, as his mother and siblings sang and played drums and piano, and his father was a writer, producer and the minister of music at church. He wrote and produced his first song at 12 years old, recording it in his basement on a 4 track tape recorder. A brief period of discouragement was tackled when Xavier Omär decided to audition for American Idol Season 11 in Houston, TX. Not making it past the preliminary judging round gave him the determination to save up to buy equipment and begin recording music again—so add “proving American Idol wrong” to his list of goals. In 2012, he hit the ground running with his solo career and hasn’t stopped since.



Hailing from Lake Wales, Florida, a place known more for orange juice than hip hop, is Swade. Inspired by acts like UGK and OutKast, the 24 yr old rapper and producer has a conscious message with a southern knock. Sitting firmly at the intersection of all things ratchet and all things "woke". Somewhere between Trick daddy and Langston Hughes.


P.A.T. Junior

Originally from New York but currently residing in Raleigh, North Carolina, P.A.T. Junior is multi-talented artist looking to uplift and share sharpening perspectives within the culture. Raised on various genres music,  he took specific interests and Hip Hop at young age and began writing spoken word & rhymes to instrumentals from his favorite artists' records. While constantly evolving and growing in his crafts, he looks to create music that will help inspire, encourage, provoke higher thought and get others through the ups & downs of life; while also aiming to Be Absxlute in all aspects of his own life.


ASaiah Ziv 

Asaiah Ziv, Born in “Sin City” - Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the visionary-creator of HIPSAVVY, a movement/brand that supports creative thought and truth within the hip-hop culture. This is when hip-hop meets knowledge, create what you want to be a part of. 

At a young age, Asaiahs' father would play a lot of latin and soul music around the house (Hector Lavoe, Fania All-Stars, Fruko, Jill Scott, Prince, Miles Davis, Herbie Mann, Cal Tjader etc.) and was always interested and inspired by the music he heard. Asaiah later found hip-hop music to be another way of expressing his feelings with the lyrics/instruments heard in each song. As he grew older, his passion for music grew with him and so did his talent. He started to DJ around 6-7 years old for local events , later on around 10-12 he started writing songs and showing his friends. At 12 he started using Pro Tools and taught himself how to record and mix within a few months. Later met a family friend Miguel also known as Fresh Ave who actually told Asaiah he was good and should rap more which inspired him to become a rapper, Fresh later passed away. 

Summer of 2011, Asaiah began to gain somewhat of recognition. Jan. 24, 2012 Asaiah dropped a freestyle video that grabbed ALOT of attention from the hip-hop community. Asaiahs' musical influences range from music from his musical father to his more current influences of J Dilla, Jay Electronica, MF Doom, Madlib, Little Dragon, Sango, Bjork, Telepopmusik and Flying Lotus. Taking his influences and adding his personality and creativity, Asaiah plans to use music to speak to the youth of the world with vivid imagery, and challenging music. 

In 2013 Asaiah picked up a lot of Chicago inspirations and met a lot of local hip hop rappers. Asaiah began to get really interested in the underground hip-hop scene and sparked a thought that happened to be “HIPSAVVY”. Asaiah released his recent free EP “Free Your Soul [Side A]". It quickly became a local favorite, buoyed by wavey/jazz/soul-influenced production, personal and emotional lyricism. The project was by far Asaiahs’ proud body of work and caught the attention of hip-hop listeners of all faiths and lifestyles which was his aim. Asaiah wants HIPSAVVY to be his movement/brand/collective. At currently only 19 years old, Asaiah posses the talent, vision, and wisdom that many find in much more experienced peers and has something special to bring to the world for years to come.