“You’re hearing me become a man, I’m not just a 24-year-old making songs for the first time anymore. I’m being as honest as I’ve ever been. I felt the freedom to not sugarcoat who I am. It’s not all perfect. It’s raw. I caught up to myself and based my music on a new chapter. You’re just witnessing a regular person be real.”

That said, Christon Gray, the Columbus, OH singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer has a humble demeanor that belies a growing legacy that’s anything but “regular. In fact, he set the stage for such progression by quietly becoming one of the biggest crossover artists to come out of the Church in the last 20 years. His past two releases–School of Roses [2014] and The Glory Album [2016]–both bowed in the Top 5 of the Billboard Top R&B Albums Chart and Top 15 of the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart. The latter yielded a crossover smash in the form of “Stop Me,” which powered a trailer for the Dwayne Johnson blockbuster Rampage and featured on HBO’s Ballers and FOX’s Lethal Weapon, in addition to campaigns for Honda, ESPN, and The ESPY Awards. It even kicks of Madden ’19 as the theme song for the game. Receiving acclaim from Jet, Essence, Billboard, and more, he ignited the crowd everywhere from SOB’s to huge festival main stage. His most recent release, 2018’s Clear The Heir, spawned the now classic “Time Out” which was heard by more than 1 million unique listeners on Spotify alone within weeks of it’s release.

With all of that as his foundation, Christon is taking his smooth vocals, stories about love, sex and relationships, combining with some incredible lyrics about real life and overcoming true adversity, and you have the Next Big Thing in music.