frxxmxn was born in Dayton, Ohio with his true roots stemming from Cleveland, Ohio. Born Marc'Anthony Freeman, home is hard to pinpoint due to constantly moving. From Ohio to Georgia, Washington, Florida and even Terciera (Portugal), he was raised watching his mother hustle to make ends meet all while attending college as single parent in the Air-Force until she remarried.

Finding frustration and almost reaching the point of quitting music, frxxmxn taught himself how to mix and master enough to get his ideas out. His first project done like this was "Temple Terrace", based on the city he lived in. The response to his vulnerability and honesty in the project was enough to push him to try again with "Bacon & Eggs". "Bacon & Eggs" began to perform better than "Temple Terrace" with people connecting to records like "Run 4rm Me" and especially "High Five" live. Both project released on Soundcloud and are scheduled to be added to Spotify.

With the goal of creating the sound track for those chasing freedom and spreading love, frxxmxn remains dangerously transparent at times hoping it will lead to the unloved feeling loved and those constantly at war feeling peace.