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Iris Temple provides a refreshing head space with every chorus, every song. A tender adventure of sorrow and joy. The Chicago duo (by way of Kansas City) started making music together in high school and have steadily picked up speed and notoriety over the years. The two early twenty-somethings (made up of Quinn Barlow on vocals/artwork and Quinn Cochran on vocals/production) have fine-tuned their eclectic sound and grown deeply in their craft. Focusing on strong songwriting, organic production, and sharp instrumentation, the group properly blends a medley of genres that they call home. From soul to hip-hop to R&B to folk and beyond, it's an inimitable, signature style. Over the years, Iris Temple has released loose singles, a duo of EPs (2016's Duality and 2017's Vistas), and even toured both the U.S. and Europe in direct support of Xavier Omär. Expect plenty more in store for the buzzing duo: two talents balancing effortlessly atop their own high tide.



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