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Iris Temple is a soulful duo based in Chicago - the duo is comprised of singer/producer Quinn Cochran and vocalist Quinn Barlow. Their sound exists somewhere between the realms of experimental R&B and Hip Hop. Iris Temple strives to draw listeners into their world with instrument heavy production and imagery filled lyrics. They have begun to see organic traction on Spotify and at the end of 2017 they completed their first tour as direct support for Xavier Omär’s Pink Lightning Tour.



Spotify monthly listeners: 82,141

Included in Discover Weekly playlists (36.9k listeners), Radio playlists (17.3k listeners)

Streams (last 28 days): Lemonade (62.2k streams), Ferns (43k streams), Theatre (20.6k streams), Venus (20.6k streams), Ashes (latest release, 33.7k streams)

Streams (all-time): Ferns (651,918), Lemonade (606,173), Philosopher (412,120)


SoundCloud following: 1,993

Streams: Ferns (140k), Lemonade (83.2k), Overgrown (30.7k)



Lemonade (Audio): 21,955 views. 

Philosopher (Music Video): 3,414 views.

Venus (ft. Jabril Power) (Audio Visual): 2.349k views.



Iris Temple

Iris Temple, an artist on Spotify