Asaiah Ziv


Asaiah Ziv was born in “Sin City” - Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the visionary-creator of HIPSAVVY, a movement/brand that supports creative thought and truth within the hip-hop culture. The mission is to find where hip-hop meets knowledge and inspires you to create what you want to be a part of.

Asaiah’s musical influences range from those of his father to more current influences from J Dilla, Jay Electronica, MF Doom, Madlib, Little Dragon, Sango, Bjork, Telepopmusik, and Flying Lotus. Taking his influences and adding his personality and creativity, Asaiah plans to use his music to speak to the youth of the world with vivid imagery and challenging messages.

Asaiah wants HIPSAVVY to be his movement/brand/collective. At just 21 years of age, Asaiah possesses the talent, vision, and wisdom that many find in much more experienced peers. He has something special to bring to the world for years to come.


Spotify monthly listeners: 38,348

Included in Discover Weekly playlists (9.9k listeners), Radio playlists (1.7k listeners)

Streams (last 28 days): Here (34.9k streams),  Summertime [latest release] (32.2k streams), Hurricane (15.9k streams), Lemonade (7.3k streams)

Streams (all-time): Here (1.32M), Lemonade (303.1k), Hurricane (161,5k), Anxiety (106,6k)


SoundCloud following: 9,370

Streams: Here (592k), Ziv? (141k) Ether (100k), Free Your Soul (82.2K), Lemonade (62.3k)



Ziv? (Video): 71,648 views

Summertime (Video): 30,659 views

Lemonade (Video): 18,776 views.