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Xavier Omär

Xavier Omär, Category: Artist, Albums: The Everlasting Wave, Hours Spent Loving You, Singles: Sweet Holy Honey, Spotify Singles - Holiday, Pink Lightning - EP, Runnin' Round, Afraid, Top Tracks: Blind Man, Afraid, No Way out (feat.



How does Xavier Omär want to be remembered? As a risk taker, a classic voice, an artist who blurs musical lines and fearless dreamer. And, with these big goals, the fearless dreamer. And, with these big goals, the singer-songwriter isn't wasting any time. His debut studio album, Bonfire, released on 09/02/14, was followed by his EP with Sango (Soulection) titled Hours Spent Loving You, and singles Blind Man & Hesitate.

Xavier Omär takes pride in his songwriting ability and is most excited by the reward of evoking specific feelings in his listeners with his music. He draws inspiration from artists of all genres, including James Blake, Arcade Fire, Kanye West, Mumford & Sons, John Legend, Frank Ocean, The Beatles, and Sam Smith. 

Xavier Omär grew up as a military brat, moving across the country and as far as japan, but he claims Georgia as his home. Music balanced out the highly structured lifestyle of his military family. His mother and siblings sang and played drums and piano, and his father was a writer, producer and the minister of music at church. He wrote and produced his first song at 12 years of age, recording it in his basement on a 4 track tape recorder. A brief period of discouragement was tackled when Xavier Omär decided to audition for American Idol Season 11 in Houston, TX. Not making it past the preliminary judging round gave him the determination to save up to buy equipment and begin recording music again. So, add "proving American Idol wrong" to his list of goals. In 2012, he hit the ground running with his solo career and hasn't stopped since.   


Spotify monthly listeners: 1.5 Million

Included in Radio playlists (404.5k listeners), Your Daily Mix playlists (198.3k listeners), Are and Be playlists (209.6k listeners)

Streams (last 28 days): Blind Man (1.68M streams), Afraid (697.9k streams), No Way Out (374.1k streams), If This Is Love (338.5k streams), Change On Me (296.1k streams)

Streams (all-time): Blind Man (33.16M), Afraid (12.56M), Hipster Girl (6.69M)

SoundCloud following: 71.1K